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Get your tickets now for the premiere of  the American Nomad concerto with the Minnesota Orchestra!

Composed by Steve Heitzeg, commissioned by Paul Grangaard.

I’m excited to be premiering Steve Heitzeg’s American Nomad Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra. This wonderfully unusual concerto incorporates jazz improvisation as an integral part of a work in a classical format. This is a hipster’s coast to coast journey that captures elements of the melting pot of musical styles that are truly American. Influences by Gershwin, Bernstein, and Copland all show up in Heitzeg’s unique melodic style and this sound, melded with cool jazz and a contemporary cinematic flair will certainly tell this American story in a compelling way.

 - Charles Lazarus 


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What People Are Saying

“Roll over Martin Denny, and tell Yma Sumac the news: Charles Lazarus has supplanted you both and then some.”
- critic Rod Smith

“Very impressive… incredible technique.”

“Bedazzling technique and a refined sense of musicianship”
- New York Newsday

“Lazarus could have tumbled the walls of Jericho”
- The Washington Post